The Slovenia Green Wellness Route (SGWR) is a cycling itinerary that combines Slovenia’s most sought-after strengths: fantastic cycling; responsible travel; incredible culture; wonderful food and wine; and, at the end each day, a session in one of the country’s world-class spas to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. The route averages about 40 kilometers of moderate cycling per day on mixed surfaces with more than two-thirds of the trail paved. The route weaves around the peaceful, beautiful, thermal-water-filled eastern half of the country. Along the way, the trail’s stages pass through Slovenia Green-certified destinations, where travelers will experience jaw-dropping landscapes and safe cycling for all skill levels, from veterans looking for new challenges to beginners, who are rediscovering the joy of using their own power to fuel an incredible holiday.

Slovenia Green Wellness Route

Galerija Božidar Jakac – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Kostanjevica na Krki
15. 06. 2022 - 02. 10. 2022

The major retrospective at Galerija Božidar Jakac showcases a comprehensive overview of the artistic endeavour of Vladimir Makuc who is considered to be one of the most iconic visual artists from Slovenia. Even though he was initially acclaimed as a master of printmaking the exhibition presents different developmental phases of his distinctly interdisciplinary practice which also extends to the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and various hybrid techniques. Makuc has therefore continuously explored and modified the course of his artistic expression.

The Royal Seven

The royal seven. Seven castles with a colourful history. Five of them are still as magnificent as it gets, two, however, show the ravages of time, but will nevertheless wow you with various fascinating castle chronicles and local legends. Although the seven castles are steeped in a shared history, each of them has written its own unique story over the centuries, thus shaping a one-of-a-kind character. A colourful kaleidoscope of stories paved the way for various authentic experiences that are bound to impress even the most discerning visitors.

Galerija Božidar Jakac – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Kostanjevica na Krki
06. 05. 2022 - 28. 08. 2022

Staš Kleindienst’s exhibition Anticardia presents paintings from his last creative period, some of which have never been exhibited before. He expanded his opus for this exhibition with an intervention, a mural, that brings the opus together and adds another dimension to the exhibition.
The exhibition could hardly have come at a better time, for we are (hopefully) coming to the end of the pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill for two years, changed our habits and relations and turned our ideas of ‘normality’ upside down. We can identify with the depictions of urban ruins, time capsules of the unexperienced past and the frozen moments of human confusion, apathy and submissiveness. The dystopic landscapes and events in Kleindienst’s artworks suddenly seem exceptionally close, almost as if they were taken from our everyday lives. We are confronted by prisms that direct the reading of the exhibition and individual works of art, which are, each in their own way, a universe in themselves.
Curator: dr. Asta Vrečko

Did you know?

That the water in our destination is clean and drinkable? You can fill your bottle with clean drinking water at almost every turn. Help us preserve the wealth of water resources.

A new vision of Kostanjevica na Krki tourism

Kostanjevica na Krki will become one of the most attractive destinations in Slovenia and beyond, for active and healthy leisure time of residents and visitors, with an emphasis on cultural tourism, natural values and experiences of a unique town on the island. This decision enters into force on the day of its adoption and is valid until the adoption of the strategy for the development of sustainable tourism in the municipality of Kostanjevica na Krki.

Galerija Božidar Jakac – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Kostanjevica na Krki
08. 02. 2022 - 08. 02. 2023

As part of the 16th installation in Bogdan Borčić’s Graphic Cabinet, the works of painter and graphic artist Bogdan Borčić and photographer Boris Gaberščik will be put into dialogue. In their works, the artists have always sought artistic solutions with which to create unconventional forms and enigmatic meanings. The exhibition will present their works from different periods: Borčić’s prints from different stages of development of his mature work (1969-2003) and Gaberščič’s photographs created in the past five years (2017-2021).

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