Tastes of Kostanjevica
Wine tastings in the Cviček Wine Cellar in the Božidar Jakac Art Museum

In the beautiful ambience of the Cviček Wine Cellar, you will get a feel for the life of a Dolenjska man, become familiar with the history of production and cellaring, and taste the wines of winemakers united in Cviček Consortium. The consortium was established in 2004 and unites 12 major producers of Cviček PTP in the Dolenjska region, which provides Cviček with uniform quality and controlled geographical origin. In addition to wine, they serve a local specialty called “cop na lop” (salty cake made of overheated cream). The tasting lasts about an hour.

Informations and reservations:

+386 7 49 88 152 / +386 7 49 88 140
From Tuesday to Sunday between 9 am and 17 pm.
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Wine tastings in Jelenič Wine Cellar

The cellar stands on a hill above Kostanjevica na Krki from where, in fine weather, the view extends all the way to Triglav. Guests are welcome to indulge in wine tasting in the cellar, where they can also buy the wines. They also offer home-made food, namely different types of meat products, bread, minced lard, cheeses, different types of štruklji (a traditional Slovene dish, composed of dough and various types of filling) and potica (a traditional nut roll pastry). Marjan Jelenič impresses with the quality and integrity of his repertoire and he has already received a number of awards for his wines.

Informations and reservations:

+386 7 49 88 152
From Tuesday to Sunday between 9 am and 17 pm.
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Alexander’s and Toni’s Vineyard Cottage

Toni’s and Aleksander’s neighbouring vineyard cottages are located in the middle of the soft Dolenjska hills on the slopes of the Gorjanci in Spodnji vrh near Črneča vas above Kostanjevica na Krki. They are built in the typical Dolenjska style. When visiting Toni’s vineyard cottage, you can try the Cviček from their home vineyard, and Aleksander’s vineyard cottage offers a rich wine shop with more than a hundred brands of wines.

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Žolnir Inn

Gostilna Žolnir combines everything that distinguishes good inns – in addition to international cuisine, they also offer local specialties, venison dishes, fish dishes, meat dishes prepared in a sač oven, vegetarian dishes, as well as a comprehensive selection and knowledge of wines. The inn provides an authentic, inviting and peaceful ambiance in a renovated vineyard cottage in Zavode nad Kostanjevico na Krki. They offer traditional home-made dishes in addition to numerous selected wines in their wine cellar, Cviček being one of the most esteemed.

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Beer tasting at the local Kitcher Brewery

It is located on the island of Kostanjevica na Krki in a delightfully decorated microbrewery. It is named after the nearby hill Kičer. You are kindly invited to try one of their craft beers, including Jamar, Čebelar, Smučar and Ribič.

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Kavarna Štraus

Kavarna Štraus is located in Kostanjevica na Krki on an idyllic location by the Krka river. They offer ice cream, homemade lemonade, ice tea… They are open from may till september.

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Ice cream parlour on the Krka river

The ice cream parlour is owned by the Karimani family, which has been delighting us for four decades.

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Homestead Kmečki Hram

The inn is open on weekends and offers homemade lunches and produce from its farm.

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Tatjana Eberl

Delicious and beautiful cakes prepared by Tatjana Eberl. Wedding, vegan, raw or classically baked. Something for everyone.

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Town apiary

Kranjska sivka (the Carniolan honey bee) was given a home in the town apiary in Kostanjevica na Krki, a cultural masterpiece and important part of our heritage, which was restored by the Kostanjevica na Krki Beekeepers’ Association in 2017 and placed on a meadow near the Božidar Jakac Art Museum. It attracts many visitors who enjoy the unspoiled nature with a view of the Gorjanci. A uniformed man made of wood, standing in front of the beehive, keeps the peace around the apiary. An interesting feature of the town apiary is the three-pitched roof, which is a rarity and a special feature of Slovenian beehives.

Farms in the area

Family Jarkovič – Wine and lavander


Štokar Farm



Turk Farm



Jurečič Farm



Škrjanc Farm

tel: 041 738 324


Unetič Farm

tel: 031 512 711

Taste posavje
Fresh, local, delicious

Posavje offers a rich culinary selection of wine, beer and delicacies from local farms. We are especially proud of the products of indigenous breeds of animals and wine varieties that distinguish us from other regions, such as Modra frankinja, Rumeni plavec, sparkling wines and Cviček; meat and meat products of Krško polje pig, capon (a special type of chicken), local freshwater fish; Rajhenburg Cake and Imperial chocolate (first brought to these parts by the Trappists from Brestanica).

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